Charbono is a widely traveled red grape variety with a complicated history. Originally from the alpine vineyards of Savoie in eastern France, it is now mostly planted in Napa Valley, where it is known as Charbono, and in Argentina, where it goes by the name Bonarda. Wines made from this varietal are generally medium bodied with high acidity, berryfruit aromas and some smoky characteristics. It is thought that Charbono was brought here by European settlers but the why and how of this is disputed. The most popular theory suggests that it was brought to the valley by Italians under the guise of Barbera. In the 1940s, researchers discovered that these vines were something different from Barbera altogether. Inglenook released the first Charbono in the 1940s, and now remains one of the variety's most important proponents. However, it is losing ground to more fashionable grape varieties and now covers less than 100 acres in US vineyards. And we are so pleased to be able to grow this grape at our vineyard.