Tinta Cao is one of the top five grape varieties used in the production of quality Port in the Douro Valley. The low-yielding variety is prized for the spice and bite it delivers to Portuguese Port. The name Tinta Cao translates to "red dog" in Portugese. Tinta Cao makes small clusters of smaller sized grapes: the foliage on the vine is notably a lighter shade of green than many vinifera. Over the centuries, winegrowers in the Douro have discovered that Tinta Cao is better suited to the region's less-sunny sites, where the cooler mesoclimate helps showcase the variety's tasteful floral aromas. When grown in such sites, Tinto Cao, with its strong tannins and acidity, provides longevity to the port blend, helping the wines to age gracefully for many decades. Tinta Cao stands well on its own as it is a table wine. And we are glad to grow such a  reliable grape that produces long lasting wines.