When it came time to give our wine a label, we kicked around a lot of designs. This would be an important decision. It would be our signature, defining who we are, and reflect our passion for producing quality wines. We wanted a name that would be easy to remember, but unique and descriptive of our product. Little did we know that our grapes would have something to say about it!

More than half the acreage on our farm is planted in varietals originating in regions of Portugal. The highly desirable Souzao (suh-ZAH-oh) grape comes from the Minho region. Tinta Cão (TIN-tah ka-oo) is a premium red wine grape primarily used in production of port. It made its first appearance in the Douro region, along with the dry, full-bodied Tempranillo (tem-pra-NEE-yo).

One thing was for certain, we knew that ours would be a quality wine, a first-rate wine, good wine. And it was as though our name came whispering from the canes and across the fields.

Bom Vinho! Good wine!

Say what?

Bom (pronounced ‘boam’) Vinyo (VEEN-yo)  is Portuguese for “good wine.”

It was Sonia’s idea to include the exclamation point in the registered name. “Because,” she said, “people want to scream it out when they taste our wine!”

Yes, it’s that good. Our wine speaks for itself.


BV with Cork.jpg