Move In Day

June 2015

Thanks to good friends for making our move from Sacramento to Fair Play a breeze!

Our First Harvest

SEPTEMBER/october 2015

We decided to pick a few rows to get close and personal with our vines. It took us 10 times longer than Bill Naylor's crew and our clippers gave us several nicks and cuts along the way. His guys make it look so easy!


fall/winter 2015

California fires were devastating for so many  this year. The snow and rain were a welcome change to a long, dry summer. Some storms were wild, but we didn't let an occasional power outage get the best of us. 


Winery Work

april/may 2016

Work begins on the site of our new winery building, although we continue to cultivate grapes for others. The noble grape is becoming praiseworthy wine – Bom Vinho! 

Baby Malbecs

june 2016

One block of vines was grafted over to a Malbec varietal. They are doing quite nicely, thank you!


July 2016

Until construction of the winery building is complete, we've decided to put up a Quonset hut to ferment this year's rapidly approaching harvest. Who was it that said it was "quick and easy"?!  And what is it about dogs and concrete?

The new phone books are here, the new phone books are here!

august 3, 2016

We became official. On Google Maps at least. We're somebody!